Our Chef has lived and breathed our tasty recipes that mix the Italian tradition with modern and innovative cuisine.

Our ingredients are sourced from the finest butchers and fishermen to deliver you fresh dishes every day and night.

Our ingredients are sourced from local BUTCHERS and fishermen to deliver our clients fresh product that respects the environment while nourishing them.

We work close to the best regional producers to bring you the best ingredients

Italian Soul

Flavours of the tradition

Bringing the UK traditional Italian food is what we have done for the last 25+ years. We ensure that every dish is prepped and cooked to perfection ensuring that you and your family can enjoy the flavours of Italy as they should be.

Modern cousine

healthy and Balanced

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets globally. Why do you think you see so many old Italians still cooking their families pasta dishes? Come and experience a Mediterranean cuisine like no other place in Wellingborough.